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my name is ella (they/them/any pronouns)i am a 25 year old queer identifying multimedia artist and audiovisual researcher based in birmingham, uk.

i'm currently reading for an audiovisual PhD at the university of birmingham, having graduated with my masters degree in film and television: research and production. i also works at the university as an assistant film technician. alongside my studies i've worked in the screen industries, with various roles in feature film, television and corporate. 


my art work looks to make the interior exterior, and my interests lie in mental health, neurodivergencies, nostalgia and community. my research interests centre on video essays and videographic research as practice, and how videographic work can be used in disciplines outside film studies.



2021-current: assistant film technician, university of birmingham 

2022: commissioned artist, puncture the screen

2019-2022: freelance videographer and video editor

2021: corporate video production, birmingham city council

2019: testimony in practice workshop, youth artist



2022: just calling to say, short experimental, director and editor

2022: get busy dying, short documentary, director and editor

2021: back in time for birmingham, broadcast documentary, COVID-19 prod. coordinator

2021: park bench plays, broadcast drama, runner

2021: eating with my ex, reality television, live logger

2021: the colour room (dir. claire mccarthy), feature film, runner

2021: the earth is flat and i'm falling off the edge, short film, director and editor

2020: m.a.d, short film, director and editor

2020: footprints on water (dir. nathalia syam), feature film, art dept. runner


2022: university of birmingham, life and death of the image

2022: puncture the screen, just calling to say

2021: lift off sessions, m.a.d

2021: cinemagic film festival, m.a.d

2019: testimony in practice, exhibition 


2022: student postgraduate award, learning on screen (nominee), the earth is flat

2022: award of merit, women filmmakers, best shorts competition, m.a.d

2022: award of merit, production design, best shorts competition, m.a.d

2021: finalist, new york flash film festival, m.a.d

2021: finalist, paris international film awards, m.a.d



2021-current: university of birmingham, PhD in film and creative studies

2020-21: university of birmingham, MA film and television: research and production 

2015-19: university of birmingham, BA (hons.) english


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