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i am an audiovisual researcher at the university of birmingham. my research methodology takes the form of audiovisual experiments and video essays. my research itself explores the video essay, face to face with notions of embodiment, materiality, logocentrism and epistemology in regards to scholastic video making research-by-practice. my investigations hinge on ‘the video way of thinking’, a concept developed by ben spatz, using this to examine the processes that underpin videographic creation through its relationship to written scholarship, and tracing the pragmatic implications and possibilities this has on the form. my thesis working title is: "half-essay, half-film": the search for concreteness in the video essay form. 

below are two examples of my work, the first titled life and death of the image (2022) it utilises artificial intelligence technology powered by myheritage deep nostalgia (TM) to comment on the moving videographic image vs. the static photographic, and the implications this may have on historical photographic artefacts. this is a research work in progress. please use the password LADOTI to view.

the second is titled a case for truth in andrew dominik's BLONDE (2022). this work applies werner herzog's minnesota declaration to the film BLONDE, and looks at the legacy and depiction of marilyn monroe within it.

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